Standard for Calculating the Rental Area of Space in Residential Units (RA/R_MF/W) 2014

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RA/R is based on the definitions in German norm DIN 277 (February 2005), the types of floor area in which form the basis of the classification in RA/R. Appendix 3, which is not part of the German MF/W explains DIN 277 terms and the terms and abbreviations used in this RA/C. DIN 277 does not define rental area but is rather concerned with the area and cubic capacity of buildings. The standard RA/R goes beyond this, in that it determines which of the floor areas are to be included in the gif rental area. The proportionate use of communal rooms is also regulated. For this reason, a differentiation has been made between wholly and partly-attributable rental areas.

The standard RA/R is a complement to the Standard for Calculating the Rental Area of Commercial Space (RA/C) and facilitates comparability of the rental areas of mixeduse properties.

(internationale Fassung der Richtlinie MF/W in englischer Sprache)