Standard for calculating the Rental Area of Commercial Space (RAC) 2017

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When a tenancy of a property is created, the rental area plays a decisive part, in particular because thus far there is no statutory definition of the rental area of commercial buildings. Determination not only of the rent per square meter to be paid but also the definition of rental area itself is therefore of major importance. The definition of rental area by gif has been established as a standard in the market.

MFG (later on “RAC”) defines the rental area of buildings that are let or occupied for commercial purposes. It builds on the German DIN 277-1 – floor areas and volumes of buildings – Part 1: Building construction, the German norm for the floor area and cubic capacity of buildings (later on “DIN 277-1”). MF/G 2012 was based on the German DIN 277 of 2005, then in force. That German DIN 277 was amended due to European statutory provisions. The new German DIN 277-1 applies since January 2016.

Note: The present amendment of RAC is due to the adaption to the DIN 277-1, which was newly published in January 2016.