Indicator Catalogue Real Estate Risk Management

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This document is the literal, unabridged translation of the „Kennzahlenkatalog Immobilien-Risikomanagement“ (“Indicator Catalogue Real Estate Risk Management”) published by gif in June 2020. The translation is intended to make the guideline known outside the German-speaking countries to promote the use of real estate risk indicators and the international research in this field.

The Indicator Catalogue Real Estate Risk Management provides a pragmatic approach to support readers to determine their specific risk position. These readers are mainly managing directors and risk officers of real estate companies, but also students and professors of real estate study programmes. As approach for promoting standardisation, these guidelines are intended to support professional risk management and especially assist the internal and external communication of risks to employees, shareholders and lend-ers.

The guidelines are to be considered preliminary. Chapter 2 describes the current status of risk measurement in the real estate sector. Chapter 3 contains a list of the key indicators prepared by the Competence Group. This list is to be expanded in future meetings. Subsequently, industrywide benchmarking is to be prepared for risk measures. Chapter 4 includes examples of how indicators are already being implemented in practice.